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The first patented brick cleaner developed and manufactured to the highest standards, constructed with premium materials by Paoloni in Italy. This purpose built machine removes old cement/mortar from solid bricks and natural stone in order to restore and reuse them. Using the incorporated vibrating system the chisels of the machine effortlessly detach and erode the existing cement/mortar without breaking the oldest of bricks. Wire finishing brushes clean the brick surfaces to re-instate their former natural glory to appear as they did when they were handmade years ago. RRP $3850 inc GST

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  • low maintenance due to patented design of vibrating head
  • Italian designed and manufactured
  • longevity of detachable implements
  • low cost and availability of replacing detachable implements
  • will not break the oldest of brick
  • 12 month warranty
  • life expectancy of over one million bricks cleaned
  • can be utilised by up to 4 operators
  • 1.5 AMP single phase (standard home mains)
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About Brick Cleaning Machines RRP $3850 inc GST

Brick Cleaning Machines (Australasia) was formed as a result of our residential building company (About Private Property Pty Ltd) requiring a large number of ‘old world bricks’ to be free of mortar/cement fast and effectively. The ‘old world’ method using a chisel and hammer would accomplish the task effectively but certainly not fast – this was a big problem. Another way was imperative and that way was the Paoloni patented Brick Cleaning Machine. Immediately, we embarked on the importation of this quality machine and put it straight to work upon delivery. We were so impressed with the machine that we obtained the distributing rights for Australasia and now the ‘old world’ method of arduously chipping mortar/cement off bricks is now a chore of the past.

How to Buy one in Australia or New Zealand

Contact us by email, we supply wholesale and retail. Many units are in stock, along with readily available spare implements. Orders are dispatched within 24 hours anywhere in Australia and New Zealand. We are the licensed distributors for Paoloni Onelio & Figlio for Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and the South Pacific Region.

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